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Watch What They Want
           When They Want

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More entertainment options than ever before.

Whether they’re enjoying the latest Hollywood hits, tuning in to their favorite network shows, binge-watching the latest streaming sensation, or watching their own vacation videos, give your guests all the content they want. Video-on-demand, free-to-guest, and Google Chromecast streaming — all integrated on the iQx technology platform.
  • Watch what they want, when they want it.
  • Choice of free-to-guest providers
  • Plenty of packaging options
  • Additional revenue streams

More of What Entertains Them

Google Chromecast streaming

Secure streaming from guest devices with integrated Google Chromecast. Guests can stream content, play games, listen to music, and watch content from subscription services.

Your choice of providers

Work with your preferred vendor, or one of ours. Free-to-guest TV with a wide variety of packages available including foreign language packages.

Custom Movie Packages, At Your Request

Includes major Hollywood studios, mini-majors, independents and foreign films, special event PPV. Packaging options available for international or special streaming content.

Video-on-demand and Pay-per-view

Additional sources of income, with revenue share. Fully integrated VOD including the major Hollywood studios, mini-majors, independents, and foreign films.

Innovate your guest experience.
One platform. Multiple solutions. Endless possibilities.

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